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The Liquid Workforce: It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Our New Normal Today, some 38 percent of workers say they feel more comfortable working as an agile employee (aka independent) than a permanent employee.

Why CEO's Have Restless Nights

The CEO who is willing to act on talent management issues will undoubtedly sleep better at night.

3 Ways to Improve Your Recruiting Results

Our search practice has refined the art of recruiting down to a science and we aren’t afraid to share the secrets to our success...

Leading Human Capital Disruption in Recruiting

As a Human Capital leader, you not only need vision, agility, leadership, and CXO buy-in to deliver Human Capital transformation...

Case Studies

Executive Search | Consulting

Titan provided executive search services to enable Bibby to fill the critical roles for their SAP and SuccessFactors deployments as well as advisory services to ensure the transformation initiative was successful.

Talent Consulting

Titan provided strategic talent consulting services for Cubic’s global SAP and Workday deployments inclusive of structure, business processes, and change management.