Talent management is hard, but we can make it easy. Our team has been in talent management for decades. We have held roles as corporate talent management leaders for some of the world’s best companies. We understand the business of talent management inside and out.

We follow an analytical, results driven approach backed by years of corporate experience and the good fortune of working side by side with some of the most talented executives in Human Resources and leadership. Along with the products and services you offer, there is no greater differentiating factor in your business that the talent you have on the team. Titan can help you ensure that you have the best and that your organization is aligned to your strategy. We offer both organization and talent management design.

Let’s Begin with the Organization Diagnostic

Examine These Big Questions:

  1. Is your organization strategy clear throughout the company?
  2. Is the structure of your organization aligned to the strategy?
  3. Do the business processes align to core principles?
  4. Are there rewards and metrics in place to drive desired outcomes?
  5. Are your people practices enabling and empowering high performance?

You May Need Titan to Help If:

  1. There is confusion around the strategy.
  2. Is there friction in the organization between functions?
  3. Your leaders and teams experience gridlock due to internal process or structure.
  4. There is internal competition.
  5. Performance is low.

Now Let’s Do a Talent Diagnostic

Examine These Big Questions:

  1. Is your culture hard to match, but it is usually the one thing that makes or breaks a new hire?
  2. Do you feel unsure when making hiring decisions?
  3. Can you clearly link you performance management & development system to the results in your organization?
  4. Do you have at least two “ready now” successors for your most critical positions?
  5. Does talent or the lack of talent ever keep you up at night?

You May Need Titan to Help If:

  1. You new hires turnover within eighteen months of starting of their start date more than 5% of the time.
  2. Managers have “buyers remorse” with some new hires.
  3. Your people have that “oh no” feeling when the performance management cycles start.
  4. During exit interviews, employees say that they did not know where their careers were going if they stayed with the company.
  5. You executive positions are open for more than 90-days and you recruit externally more than 65% of the time.


Titan has the tools to drive success in selection to increase the quality & speed of your recruitment.  We can help you build a winning internal talent acquisition function that aligns to your business needs and culture. Our services in recruiting include:

  1. Consulting & Design
  2. Talent assessments & Interview Training
  3. Recruiting Technology Selection & Optimization
  4. Recruiter Training & Case Studies
  5. Change management & Implementation of the Design

Performance & Development 

Your system may need to be rejuvenated or completely changed. With years of experience in talent management, we can help you implement a system that matches your culture and drives top performance. Our services in PM&D include:

  1. Performance Management Process Design
  2. Individual Development Plans & Organization Development Programs
  3. Executive Development & One-on-One Coaching
  4. Technology Optimization
  5. Train the Trainer, Titan Ran Training & Implementation

Succession and Retention

There is a science to driving good succession planning and retention and it ties directly to your talent review process, the implementation of individual development plans and the execution of the individual career plans. Our services in succession and retention include:

  1. Talent Review Process Design
  2. Talent Calibration Training
  3. Tools, Templates, & Technology Optimization
  4. CEO Succession Planning
  5. Board of Directors Talent Review Prep.