Enjoying the best
life has to offer as an entrepreneur

After fifeteen years in corporate America leading global talent functions, Christine Goodson returned to her love of running a business. As a third-time entrepreneur and enterprise builder, this serial high performer makes executive search look easy.

With more than 10,000 hours invested in developing expertise in this field, Christine is still hands on and she drives results on every project. For Titan’s clients, this has been a real game changer in executive search.

  And while she is certainly excellent at what she does, she would be the first to admit that her relationship with God is the key to her success. He always comes first.

Her life and work are her Mission.

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Managing Director, Lyndsey Shankland is an expert in talent

Lyndsey Shankland has been leading search for global fortune 150 clients in EMEA and APAC for 20 years. She is responsible for driving operational excellence across the regions, as well as leading critical global continuous improvement initiatives that align to the wider business strategies. Lyndsey has led the global talent acquisition functions for engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and life sciences, retail, and hospitality businesses. She manages our EMEA and APAC recruitment teams and personally leads our executive searches in that region. Lyndsey has a passion for making an impact in this world and is actively involved on the board of several non-profits, advisory services, and other community interests.


Mission Vision Values

How could we ever capture your hearts and minds if we first don’t give you ours.


Our firm’s commitment is and always will be to the client. We carefully evaluate each assignment and our likelihood of succeeding prior to committing to the search. Unlike many we are comfortable saying “no.”


Not just another boutique search partner, we want to be the best. We don’t use the word “partner” lightly, when we begin a relationship with you, we are fiercely committed to the longevity and success of that relationship.


Honor, authenticity, and courage. We ask the hard questions. We tell the real story. We build relationships based that last. Everyone we meet with, client or candidate, is treated like the most important person we have ever met.

Global Footprint 

Titan Talent Partners, Inc. is small but mighty. Our firm has a global network of recruiters to meet your needs.

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