Process Improvement – part 2

Process Improvement – part 2

In our previous post we provided a high level overview of 3 steps to leaner processes.  In the subsequent posts we’ll dive a bit deeper into each area of focus.

1) Review your processes 

It may sound basic but when was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your talent management processes from end to end?  A detailed process review will enable you to determine areas where you can eliminate waste and then determine non-value add activities (NVA) that can be altered or removed all together.

Begin with a prioritization of your most business critical processes.  What are the top 3 that your customers have had issues with?  For example let’s say that your hiring managers have complained about the time to fill for your executive level positions.  Then that should be considered in your list of focus areas.

Once you’ve determined your prioritized list, then you should document the processes in detail.  Some of the organizations we work with have their processes documented manually, some not at all.  Those that have recently upgraded their systems have this more thoroughly documented.  There isn’t a right answer here other than not to review the processes!

Your process review team should consist of a cross-section of not only the HR department but also your customers that are impacted by the process.  This is a leading practice, and ensures you have a view that is not only subjective but also objective.

In our next post we will delve deeper into techniques on eliminating waste and addressing non-value added activities.  Stay tuned….

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