Process Improvement | 3 steps to Leaner processes

Process Improvement | 3 steps to Leaner processes

One of the most neglected areas of focus is your talent management processes.  In our recent diagnostic results post we shared the fact that over half of contributing organizations have not evaluated their processes in the past two years!  At Titan we are firm believers in continuous improvement based on our methodology, which is built on the principles of proven approaches such as Lean and Six Sigma.  As your organization begins it new year, have you conducted a lean process improvement approach for your processes?  We believe you should, your peers are doing this consistently.

Here are 3 ways to leaner processes:

1) Review your processes 

It may sound basic but when was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your talent management processes from end to end?  A detailed process review will enable you to determine areas where you can eliminate waste and then determine non-value add activities (NVA) that can be altered or removed all together.

2) Eliminate Waste 

Eliminating waste is a key principle of a Lean, Just It Time approach to process improvement.  As you review your processes you may find that waste within certain steps of a process that either be streamlined or eliminated all together.  This can be approached through a detailed review of each step in your process, and then identifying the activities that are conducted within each step of the process.

3) Determine non-value add activities to alter or remove

After you have reviewed the areas of potential “waste” in your processes and then identified the activities that are conducted within each step of the process, you need to ask your self “Are there aspects within the process that are non-value add?”  Would they be impactful to your candidate or hiring manager, or the employee?  If the answer is no then you should consider either altering that activity (can the time be reduced, leveraged by a different resource, etc.) In some cases the answer may be to remove that step in the process all together.

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