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Process Improvement – part 3

In our previous two posts we provided a high level overview of 3 steps to leaner processes and delved deeper into how to measure your processes.  In our last post of the series we’ll focus on eliminating waste and determining non-value add activities. Eliminating waste is a key principle of a Lean, Just It Time…
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Process Improvement – part 2

In our previous post we provided a high level overview of 3 steps to leaner processes.  In the subsequent posts we’ll dive a bit deeper into each area of focus. 1) Review your processes  It may sound basic but when was the last time you thoroughly reviewed your talent management processes from end to end?…
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Process Improvement | 3 steps to Leaner processes

One of the most neglected areas of focus is your talent management processes.  In our recent diagnostic results post we shared the fact that over half of contributing organizations have not evaluated their processes in the past two years!  At Titan we are firm believers in continuous improvement based on our methodology, which is built on…
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