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Talent Trends

Titan Talent Partners Places Chief Human Resources Officer at Flagstar Bank

Flagstar Bank Hires David W. Hollis as Chief Human Resources Officer We are pleased to report that David Hollis is a 25-year industry veteran who has rich and deep experience across all HR disciplines. It was a pleasure to work with Flagstar and David throughout this search process. TROY, Mich., July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Flagstar Bank has…
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Titan Talent Partners Recruits the Head of Cybersecurity for ANSYS

Titan was engaged by ANSYS on the confidential search for their next head of Cybersecurity and delivered the right hire within 65 days. This was a very specialized search requiring depth in the federal sector and commercial space. We delivered. ANSYS employs nearly 4,000 professionals, many of whom are expert M.S. and Ph.D.-level engineers in…
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Titan Talent Partners Recruits Former NSA Official to Lead Cybersecurity at Guidehouse

Washington, DC – October 7, 2019 – Guidehouse, a leading provider of management consulting services, is proud to announce that Marianne Bailey, former Deputy National Manager for US National Security Systems at the National Security Agency (NSA), has joined us to lead the firm’s Cybersecurity practice.   With more than three decades of experience protecting the nation’s…
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Titan Consistently Delivers Top Talent

Our search practice has refined the art of recruiting down to a science and we aren’t afraid to share the secrets to our success and how we have had hundreds of successful hires. Here are three primary things have driven these results.

Five Indicators that You Need an Executive Search Partner

Talk about life being a full-circle! I started in recruiting in 1992 and eventually went into executive search running my own business. In 2005, I had a client recruit me to build an internal recruiting function because they were spending millions of dollars every year on external search; and for the last twelve years, in…
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Why CEOs Have Sleepless Nights

The CEO who is willing to act on talent management issues will undoubtedly sleep better at night.

Titan Featured in Recruiting Daily – The Liquid Workforce

The Liquid Workforce: It’s Not Science Fiction, It’s Our New Normal Today, some 38 percent of workers say they feel more comfortable working as an agile employee (aka independent) than a permanent employee. Why? Here are the Top 3 reasons: “Flexibility of Hours;” “More Control over my Career;” and, “I can pursue my passion” (in that…
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Metrics that Matter: FlowThrough

Continuing our series reviewing Talent Metrics that Matter.  In this post we’re going to review flow through rates. Flow through rates are an excellent way to measure multiple steps in a process.  It measures the level of efficiency of each step in the process by percentages from one step in the process to another.  In a recent…
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Metrics that Matter: Quality part 2

This is the second part of our series reviewing Talent Metrics that Matter.  In our first post we focused on Hiring Manager satisfaction of their experience.  In our second post we are going to look at an often neglected area of Quality of Candidate Experience. As we stated in our previous post we are looking…
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Talent Metrics that Matter: Quality

In our recent posts about Process Improvement | 3 steps to Leaner processes and 2017 | Diagnostic Time! we touched on approaches to improve the effectiveness of your function.  We also offered our thoughts on Maturity Models > Maturity Model | How Mature is your function. In our next series we are going to be reviewing Talent Metrics that Matter.…
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