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of Retained Search with much less expense.

Guaranteed delivery is the outcome you should expect when working with any external recruitment partners. Let’s look at things differently, where we both win, and there is complete transparency. We will show you the tangible value in what we provide and we guarantee delivery. We will give you retained search quality and commitment, on a professional level position.



The recruiter mindset is often the death of the contingent search model. Recruiters who work on commission are taught to work “closest to the dollar.” They cast a wide net to candidates and rarely do they take more than 30 minutes to assess skills, experience, and culture fit before those candidates are submitted. And if they are unsuccessful in filling the position quickly, they usually move on to the next search leaving the client wondering what is going on. This behavior is especially ineffective for complex, difficult searches with narrow talent pipelines. This is one of the primary reasons why we don’t support the contingent model as a recruitment solution and why we train our team to focus on partnerships, quality, and the long-term success of each client and candidate.



Our Reserved Search practice is the solution for experienced hires in a competitive fast paced market. Our dedicated researchers and recruiters will support your needs for individual contributors, managers, and some directors who are compensated with less than a gross annual pay of $150,000 USD. We use a unique human-driven process to find, engage, and attract the ideal candidate. We guarantee search completion and have a 100% success rate in securing the right candidate.

Reserved Search – How It Works

Reserved Search is the logical solution for clients that want to utilize the high-performance aspects of our retained search practice, but with the sense of urgency, cost-efficiency, and payment structure that is competitive and safe. With our 100% fulfillment guarantee and nothing to lose, many clients choose this model for their unique individual contributor and management positions.


The total fee for a Reserved Search is $25,000 USD. The fee is broken into two payments: (1) a search initiation fee of $3,000 and (2) a completion fee of $22,000 when filled. This is best used on critical positions paying $100K-$150K annually.


Clients are partnered with some of the industry’s best recruiters. We follow the exact same process of our Retained Search practice which encompasses the intake session, candidate assessments, offer negotiations, and close.


If the position is filled internally, put on hold, or cancelled altogether, the Reserved Search can be transferred to another critical position of your choice. This flexibility gives our clients complete peace of mind.


We guarantee that the Reserved Search fee will result in a top talent hire and we will back that hire for 12 months. If they are terminated for performance or voluntarily leave, we will replace them at no cost.

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